Enforcing Script Adherence Increases LTV 5x

“Script” has become a naughty word in the contact center space, much like “work from home” (pre-COVID), for good reason. We hear it all the time with new clients. “Ugh…no. We don’t use scripts. We want our agents to sound natural and build rapport with our customers.”...

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Managing Work from Home Agents with Speech Analytics

May you live in interesting times… A few short weeks ago, everything was business as usual. Traffic was brutal, the lines at Kroger were normal, and the availability of paper products wasn’t even the slightest concern. Add a global pandemic into the equation…Grocery...

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6 Coronavirus Insights Revealed by Speech Analytics

6 Speech Analytics Insights Revealed in a Time of Coronavirus [Updated 3/25/20] The COVID-19 coronavirus is affecting everyone. As a provider of managed CallMiner Eureka speech analytics, Zenylitics has a unique insight into how the pandemic is affecting its...

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