Guided Insights as a ServiceSM

A complete speech analytics solution that includes people and process expertise.

Guided Insights as a Service is Zenylitics’ fully managed service that fuses advances in speech analytics with the people services to overcome the practical challenges that come with adapting an innovative technology.

Guided Insights as a ServiceSM eliminates execution risk by fusing advances in AI-enabled speech analytics with the human talent to ensure you find the insights and queue up needed actions

‘Human talent’ refers to Zenylitics’ team of dedicated speech analytics and data specialists who help drive your digital transformation efforts. This saves you the staffing, capital expense and the unnecessary effort that otherwise accompanies the licensing of powerful enterprise software tools.”

See customer data,
in a new light.

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Why Zenylitics Guided Insights as a ServiceSM?

Zenylitics combines people, process, and technology to ensure your initiatives start strong. With our experienced team, we refine speech analytics tools tailored to your environment, maximizing ROI and complementing your in-house team’s efforts.

Value in 90 Days

Iteration 0 delivers actionable insights in the first 90 days.

Scale Up / Scale Down

Guided Insights lets you allocate resources to your speech analytics team when you need them and save money on costs when you do not.

Deeper Analysis Per Investment Dollar

We supplement CallMiner’s powerful machine learning analytics with proprietary analytics. Many customers also have us integrate the outputs of CallMiner with Tableau or PowerBI. This ensures you get every ounce of analytics bang for your buck.

Decreased Burden on In-House Resources

When your team has too much work, it hinders achieving results. Zenylitics reduces that obstacle to increasing productivity and results.

Less Time Managing

To make your oversight effort as efficient as possible, we provide our Visual CoreMetricsTM service. Visual CoreMetricsTM renders a succinct personalized video that summarizes your key performance indicators. When all is well, you invest about 90 seconds to ‘status’ how things are going. When something needs more of your attention, your personalized video calls it out and you can click through to see the supporting detail.

Easy installation

Use Cases

Here are examples of the analysis we have done for common use cases:

Interested in

Guided Insights as a ServiceSM?

Let’s discuss your interest and review how Zenylitics’ can bring the world of AI-enabled omnichannel speech analytics to your business – quickly and cost-effectively.

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