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In this post, we break down the PCT Magazine webinar recording to show you how your home services business contact center can benefit from speech analytics and why it should be the easiest decision you make in 2023.

A Broken Contact Center Business Model

The current contact center business model without speech analytics is broken. Why? Because every important business function needs a feedback loop. Customer feedback should provide new knowledge that results in a better customer experience. And the process should be measurable to ensure continuous improvement takes place.

Most contact centers only monitor a small sample of agent-customer interactions. Therefore, much actual customer information is lost. That data which IS analyzed, takes too long to process, making the results difficult to correlate. Lack of direction and infrequent coaching from supervisors only adds to the problem.

Hear Your Customers Loud and Clear With Guided Insights as a Service

Zenylitics brings speech analytics to the mainstream for every business with our offering, Guided Insights as a Service. Now, home services businesses can mine valuable insights from their agent-customer interactions using powerful AI-driven speech analytics to analyze conversations at scale.


Retrieve valuable insights from the ‘dark’ data

So, what do we mean by E.X.E.C.U.T.E. with Guided Insights? We help you uncover valuable insights from the ‘dark’ data hidden in your customer conversation recordings by making them actionable. Why is it called ‘dark’ data? Because the insights would remain unseen unless you listened to a much larger sample of conversations on a regular basis and somehow rigorously analyzed these calls manually.

Once CallMiner’s AI has transcribed the conversations, Zenylitics ‘teaches’ it to identify cancellation mentions, fluctuations in pitch, long periods of silence, signs of agitation, and much more. Our experts analyze this data to provide you with a complete picture of customer interactions. From that picture, we recommend strategies to improve your call center and heighten the quality of the customer experience you provide.

Let’s take a closer look at E.X.E.C.U.T.E. and some specific examples in which Zenylitics has helped clients in the home services space with profitable ‘Guided Insights.’


One of our clients, a California pest control company, has a specific goal of converting customers from manual pay to autopay. Customers on autopay have a much larger lifetime value than if they must approve every payment manually.

Our customer was struggling to achieve its autopay goal. Guided Insights made it clear that their agents weren’t asking nearly as often as the company believed they were. By working with the contact center team and measuring individual agent performance at scale, we nearly doubled the number of ‘autopay’ conversions in two months. We’ve seen similar results with customer after customer; the more agents ask people for something, the more likely they are to get it. Seemingly small changes in behavior can make a big difference. this new discipline in the agent population made a significant improvement in the company’s bottom line.


We all know that superior agent soft skills improve customer satisfaction. A business providing an exceptional customer experience is more likely to be successful. But different businesses can require a different mix of soft skills to maximize positive agent impact. For example, in sales use cases, Guided Insights reveals that agents confidence and ownership language (i.e., ‘I can help you with that, we have a great solution’ strongly correlates with sales dispositions.

We have also found that small, enforced script additions like mentioning a company guarantee can increase closes and reduce ‘buyers remorse’ cancellations. When customers consistently hear about guarantees, they are more likely to share a problem they are having that gives you a chance to fix it, rather than just canceling. Zenylitics has helped many home services companies reduce subscription churn and improve customer retention by detecting early warning signs that customers will cancel or choose a competitor.


Scaling customer support efforts is the secret to a growing company’s contact center success. Two factors that most people know about are call duration and call silence.

As duration increases, so invariably does customer dissatisfaction. But what is causing it? Is it a broken processes? An agent training challenge?, A policy with unintended consequences? Guided Insights discovers the stumbling blocks, enabling you to drive down duration and silence which on its own should improve customer satisfaction.

An example: a client was experiencing low productivity from their outbound sales representatives even though the call records showed they were spending long periods on the phone. Zenylitics discovered that, in many cases, sales reps were hanging out on IVRs and voice mails, not actually talking to anyone. By analyzing call data at scale, Zenylitics detects call avoidance and roots out the behavior to improve results.

A more sophisticated efficiency play is analyzing customer call drivers. Many companies manage to a single AHT (average handle time) for all calls. When broken out by call driver, however, call center managers can begin to find a more granular insight into which calls are causing excessive AHT. This gives businesses a surgical insight that is effective since the impact of specific coaching for an individual use case can be tracked for that specific call driver.


When we talk about compliance, we refer to how your agents adhere to your company’s standards and practices. With Guided Insights, compliance is tracked on agent scorecards that highlight how well agents comply with those standards..

Compliance can also mean ‘script adherence.’ Guided Insights discovers whether agents are complying with the ‘must do’s’ of how you want them to treat your customers. For example, are they asking if there is anything else they can do to help the customer at the end of the call. Do they ask the customer for a favorable review on yelp or Google Reviews? Finally, are they asking a simple, but vital question that strongly correlates with customer satisfaction like, ‘Are you satisfied?’ or ‘Did I solve your problem today?’

These are some of the easiest ways to boost your customer sentiment. Zenylitics’ Guided Insights helps to ensure your agents interact with your customers the way you want them to, while agent scorecards show contact center managers where to direct their coaching effort.


Effectively communicating offers to buy additional products and services increases profitability and customer lifetime value. It is no secret that skilled up-sellers are also great listeners. In the case of a pest control client, when a customer says, ‘I have mice in the attic,’ is the agent limiting their response to that specific problem, or are they hearing that and offering a preventative recurring service in addition to handling the immediate problem? One landscaping customer uses speech analytics to detect the opportunity to market related services. For example, if a customer is a lawn care client and mentions a need for tree service or forthcoming seasonal snow removal, Speech analytics creates an alert that tracks that opportunity. Guided Insights as a Service gets your agents uncovering new opportunities and closing new incremental, high-margin business.


Do you find yourself asking, ‘What if we changed how we conduct a sales call.” What if we made <this> or <that> new special offer?’

Guided Insights helped a Zenylitics client struggling with the specific language their agents should use when identifying what kind of business they were. To test, we established two groups. In the first, agents identified themselves as ‘brokers.’ In the second, agents identified themselves as ‘master agents.’ It was no surprise that the agents confidently identifying themselves as ‘master agents’ had greater success than those that used the ‘broker’ nomenclature. The customer changed the language for all agents and performance increased significantly.

Language matters


Zenylitics makes speech analytics easy for your home services business by providing cutting-edge technology, people, and processes. The service handles everything to do with processing and analyzing your customer interactions so you can stay focused on coaching and meeting customer needs. Zenylitics assists with coaching to reinforce positive behaviors and change those that need to be improved. The Guided Insights dashboard shows you exactly how your contact center performs with data presentation that lets you drill down all the way to the individual call if needed. And for ultimate convenience, Guided Insights automatically produces a daily personalized video that summarizes your kpi’s for the prior day or week.

Guided Insights as a Service

Guided Insights as a Service speech analytics by Zenylitics can give your business the edge it needs to succeed and grow, making it one of the easiest decisions you’ll ever make.

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Ken Pedersen
Ken Pedersen

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