Practice what you Preach!

Practice what you Preach! Amazing insights from CM Training

Or as I also like to say, lead by example. I’m trying to successfully do both. I am always telling potential clients and current clients how important training is in a successful SA & QA solutions partnership. Constant communication and making the time with pertinent team members to follow through with our training sessions. It is a vital piece to the success of any partnership.

So, in practicing what I preach and leading by example, I had the pleasure of spending a couple of days with our partners at CallMiner last week. It’s amazing what a little training can do! Going through the Enterprise User training opened my eyes to the full power and potential of this product. Being in Business Development, a high-level understanding is what I had. I knew enough to speak to it and know the use cases we have had successes with our clients. Now after the amazing training and hands on approach of being able to dig in and actually use the system, build syntax and gain a better understanding of how it really works, I am excited to be able to share my new-found knowledge with future clients. Edwin made the learning fun with his passion for the product and the company. You can’t help but feed off his enthusiasm. Thank you to Edwin Lopez and Jacques Groleau for their time and patience in teaching me.


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