QA All of Yesterday’s Calls — in 90 seconds!

Instead of wasting time hunting for QA-worthy calls, what if you could track your team’s performance in 90 seconds?

With Visual CoreMetrics™, you choose which metrics are reported in your own personalized daily video.

Not Just a Software Tool. A Team.

Until recently, getting the benefits of speech analytics was hard work.

You had to staff (and retain!) specialized roles.

Suppliers required big minimums and upfront investments.

You had to build a team and train them before you could get value.

No more.

Guided Insights as a Service™ fuses CallMiner speech analytics with Zenylitics skilled analysts and personalization technology to deliver speech analytics results to your email inbox in the form of subscriptions and personalized video.

Built-in into a managed instance of CallMiner software, Zenylitics Guided Insights as a Service™ fills in the people and process gaps, thus reducing your execution risk by interpreting your data and recommending actions.

For a limited time, Zenylitics introduces Visual CoreMetrics™ video service free for the first year as part of your Guided Insights subscription – a $5,000 value.

Why ‘Guided Insights as a Service’?

  1. Minimize risk – Avoid capital outlays. No people to hire. Instead: the power of speech analytics AI, delivered as a Service, with consulting read-outs built-in.
  2. Straight-forward technical path — Typically less than 2 days of effort required from your IT group.
  3. Guided Insights matches your management rhythm – Daily alert videos. Weekly coaching. Monthly management briefings. We shape our read-outs to fit how you run your business.
  4. Visual CoreMetrics summarize the key metrics you track in a daily (or weekly) short video, delivered to your email box. No logins or training required.
  5. Efficient program charter process – Our process clarifies success and keeps all of us laser-focused on results.
  6. Support and Training – We ensure your success both with initial and ongoing support and training.
  7. CallMiner is Best of Breed – Forrester named CallMiner best in strategy and current capabilities. Zenylitics is a CallMiner certified partner.

Use Cases We’ve Built

Here are use cases we’ve built for our customers:

  1. Sales Effectiveness – Reduce churn, Increase close %, Increase upsell $.
  2. Collections Effectiveness – Increase promise to pay, improve negotiation skills, ensure compliance.
  3. Customer Experience – Reduce ‘Effort’, track sentiment, measure call intent, deflect unnecessary traffic.
  4. Efficiency – QA call curation, reduce average handle time, reduce after work, reduce call silence, accelerate onboarding.
  5. CX Effectiveness – Improve soft skills, exhibit call ownership, track sentiment, reduce escalations, increase negotiation effectiveness.
  6. Marketing Effectiveness – Track campaign effectiveness, track ‘Voice of Customer’, detect non-conforming paid leads, enrich survey results. Deflect unnecessary customer contacts.

Let's Talk

“Guided Insights enables us to use data to drive additional revenue.”

Rebecca Roberts-Stewart

COO, LJ Ross Associates

Let's Talk

Having the AI data and scoring on every call provides a very effective ROI and opportunity to scale our business. 

Marc Erpenbeck

CEO, George Brazil

Zenylitics is a CallMkner Eureka Certified Partner

“CallMiner has the most advanced, enterprise-ready speech analytics functionality.”

Forrester Research

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