Script Adherence for Selling

What is Script Adherence for Selling?

Script adherence for Sales refers to the behavior of a call center sales agent following a text or prescribed interaction approach with a calling or called party. Scripts have the advantage of codifying proven conversation approaches. By following a script, a sales agent delivers to the prospect the benefit of a consistently good experience. It also enables testing of different versions of a script to determine which is most effective. Skillful agents can read or use the script in a way that prospects find naturally conversational.

Call Center Data for Calculating ROI of Script Adherence in Selling


Calculate the additional margin contribution attributable to the increase in sales volume. Subtract out the cost of the good or service from each additional sale. People costs should not vary since you make the additional sales with the same staff. (Exception: You pay a commission, then reduce the margin contribution by the commission amount.)

Upsell scenario: Calculate the additional profit contribution attributable to the increase in gross margin per transaction. Scripting ‘upsell’ offers is a powerful way to increase profit on the existing marketing investment and selling effort you already make.

Negotiation scenario: Calculate the additional profit contribution attributable to more skillful negotiation waterfall. Scripting how you concede price or ask for payments is low-hanging fruit for collections and negotiated sale scenarios. 

Investment per lead scenario: Consider the increase in what you can afford to spend per lead due to each opportunity’s improved profitability. More profitable sales mean you can profitably afford to spend more per lead. Spending more per lead means more leads and thus increased sales growth. It also can imply denying sales ot your competition giving you increased market share.

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