How Call Center Speech Analytics Impacts Profitability

Speech analytics generates ROI . Makes sense, right? If you can fully listen to your customers and prospects at scale, you can improve your business for each function they impact.

We organize the ROI value of Call Center Speech Analytics into five groups. One or two use cases will matter the most to you. But consider that ‘Guided Insights as a Service’℠ will reveal how to improve each customer-facing department that has improvement potential.

Call Center Sales Effectiveness

Call Center Sales Effectiveness refer to the speech analytics techniques and measures that improve sales and profitability:

  • Script Adherence for Selling – Consistently apply best sales practices
  • Increase conversion rate – Improve sales conversions, appointment setting and promise-to-pay (PTP) performance
  • Increase upsell close %
  • Increase total value of sale
  • Increase lifetime customer value (ltv)
  • Reduce Churn
  • Increase value proposition for strategic accounts


Call Center Marketing Effectiveness

Call Center Marketing Effectiveness refers to the speech analytics techniques and measures that improve marketing results.

  • Increase ‘deflection’ (Reduce average ‘phone minutes per customer’) by analyzing call intent
  • Strengthen / improve understanding of customer satisfaction
  • Increase customer satisfaction as measured by sentiment
  • Increase ‘Return on Ad Spend’ (ROAS) by correlating sales inquiries with campaigns

Call Center Business Effectiveness

Call Center Business Effectiveness refers to the speech analytics techniques for accelerating process improvement, improving strategic information and leveraging partner expertise to transform an otherwise capital investment into an expense.

  • Test / Measure / Accelerate Process Improvement
  • Integrate feeds to Business Intelligence / CRM / other analytics reporting and intelligence systems.
  • Use subscriptions to present curated calls to the right person / department in your company.
  • Transform speech analytics investment from a capital investment requiring specialized staff into an expensable service delivered by call center speech analytics experts.

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Call Center Agent Effectiveness

Call Center Agent Effectiveness refers to the speech analytics techniques that improve HOW WELL agents perform.

  • Script Adherence and Call-Flow Adherence for Customer Service – consistently apply best practices to maximize customer satisfaction
  • QA Agent Effectiveness – Score consistently and detect problems faster
  • Reduce Escalations
  • Track Customer Sentiment
  • Increase Empathy
  • Reduce compliance costs

Call Center Agent Efficiency

Call Center Agent Efficiency refers to the speech analytics measures and techniques that improve agent productivity.

  • Increase First Call Resolution (FCR)
  • Reduce Average Handle Time (AHT)
  • Increase agent satisfaction, thus reducing turnover / hiring costs
  • Reduce agent onboarding duration
  • Reduce Call Avoidance
  • Reduce Duration of After Call Work (ACW)
  • Reduce Excess Call Silence


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