Call Center QA Effectiveness


What is Call Center QA Agent Effectiveness?

Call Center QA Effectiveness refers to how well the Quality Assurance role contributes to accomplishing the call center mission. The QA role provides consistent coaching to deliver a great experience to prospects and customers. Specific areas for coaching include effective sales skills, showing empathy, resolving issues on first contact, complying with regulations, and retaining otherwise unhappy customers.



The Data You Need to Calculate QA Effectiveness

  1. Determine your payroll dedicated to the call center including the QA role
  2. Determine your payroll invested in the QA role
  3. Calculate percent of call center payroll devoted to QA
  4. Determine your Average Handle Time per call.
  5. Determine average time to review a call. For many call centers, this number is two-to-three times the length of the call.
  6. Determine average calls per month
  7. Determine average calls reviewed by the QA function per month.
  8. Determine how calls are chosen for review. For example, are calls chosen at random? Are only ‘problem’ calls monitored? Are calls of just a single type reviewed?

Determine the number of man hours per month devote to QA calibration (the total number of calls that are sales eligible

ROI Variants of Calculating QA Effectiveness in Call Centers



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